George Rutherford
Kanji ジョージ・ラザフォード
Romaji George Rutherford
Age 17
Gender Male
Birthday June 8
Occupation Student
Blood Type O-
Height 201 cm
Favorite Color Black
Favorite Food TBD
Favorite Brand TBD
Idol Type Devil
Artist MotTowers

George Rutherford is a student and an idol at Neon Academy.


George was born in Canada, but moved to Japan upon his acceptance into the Academy. 


George has thick short, dark brown hair, dark green eyes, stubble, and fair skin. He is very tall, broad shouldered, and has a heavily muscular build.


Georgel Ruthford Concept


George is a friendly, outgoing, and fun loving individual who always wants to have a good time with the people he likes. He's often considered a gentle giant as he doesn't generally like violent confrontations, despite his large size and sometimes surly looks. Even though George wouldn't admit it, he feels homesick, missing his home back in Canada.

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