Hamasaki Hisako
Kanji 浜崎 久子
Romaji Hamasaki Hisako
Age 16
Gender Female
Birthday February 6
Occupation Student
Elite 13 Council Member
Blood Type AB
Height 170 cm
Favorite Color cyan/green
Favorite Food Turkish Delights
Favorite Brand Winter Sakura
Idol Type Rainbow

Hamasaki Hisako is a student idol at Neon Academy. She currently holds the third seat in the Neon Elite Thirteen.


Hisako was born and raised in Aomori, Japan by her parents and grandparents. Her mother is Taiwanese and her Father Japanese. When she joined Neon Idol Academy, it was clear to the judges that she had loads of talent and would make it into the Elite 13, which she ended up doing at the end of her first semester.


Hisako is a nice person, who likes to avoid any unneccesary conflicts. She befriends Eiji in the beginning of the series, believing that he had a lot of untapped potential as an idol. Her goals as an idol are: to help fellow idols improve and succeed, make her audience smile, and basically make the most of her career as an idol.


Hisako has long brown hair, gold eyes, and fair skin. 


Hoshino Eiji

Hisako is very keen on being able to distinguish lies from the truth. She can tell if someone is lying or telling the truth simply by listening to their tone of voice or looking at them. No one was ever able to lie their way past her.