Hoshino Eiji
Hoshinoeiji semifinal
Kanji 星野 エイジ
Romaji Hoshino Eiji
Age 15
Gender Male
Birthday July 10
Occupation Student
Blood Type AB
Height 176 cm
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Favorite Brand Majestic Apparel
Idol Type Cool
Artist MotTowers

Honshino Eiji is a student and idol at Neon Academy.


Eiji was born in Kyoto, Japan.  At age 15, he was accepted into Neon Academy, a prestigious idol school in Kobe, Japan. His family is an upper middle class family, with his father as the owner of KaraOKAY!, a famous karaoke franchise in Japan, Taiwan and the United States.


Eiji has a toned, fit body. He has a terrible bedhead. Since he sleeps on his side, his bedhead changes sides depending which side he sleeps on. Eiji also has square glasses. However he doesn't wear them during on stage or doing vigorous, physical work.


Eiji typically a very calm person. The first impression he gives people, is that he is a stoic person. In truth, Eiji is a very expressive person and can be controlled by his own emotions really easily. It is hard to scare or shock Eiji.


  • Gleaming Lancer Ensemble