Kiyomori Alisa Zakharin
Kanji 清盛 アリサ ザッカリン
Romaji Kiyomori Arisa Zakarin
Age 17
Gender Female
Birthday March 9
Occupation Student
Elite 13 Council Member
Blood Type AB
Height 173 cm
Favorite Color Cyan
Favorite Food Pelmeni
Favorite Brand TBA
Idol Type Cool
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Kiyomori Alisa Zakharin is a student idol at Neon Academy.


Alisa was born in Sakhalin, Russia to a Japanese father and Russian mother. She went to primary and lower secondary school in Russia before moving to Japan after her acceptance into Neon Idol Academy.


Although Alisa seems very sociable in concerts and at other events, she is secretly very shy. Her shyness stems from her early years in Russia. Because she was half Japanese and had sliver-white hair, she looked quite different from her other classmates. She would often seclude herself in the back of the classroom and hide herself. Despite the fact that many of the girls in her classes would envy her unrivaled beauty, she would never flaunt her appearance and appears very humble. She learned to be sociable during her tenure as a student idol. 


Kiyomori has long, silver-white hair, deep, beautiful grey eyes, and fair skin.