"Idols don't SHOW people their smile, they MAKE people smile." - Motto of the Elite Thirteen

The Neon Academy Elite Thirteen Council (ネオン学園精鋭十三傑評議会 Neon Gakuen Seiei Jyuusanketsu Hyogikai) is the student council of Neon Academy. The council is formed by the top 13 students of the academy and work with the instructors and headmaster to set school-wide competitions and events. 


In order to become one of the elite thirteen, one must surpass one of the members in a dance duel that takes place during "elections" sometime between November and December. If the person wins against one of the thirteen, then they take the seat that they occupied (for example if one challenges someone in the seventh seat and wins, they take the seventh seat).

When one of the members that's a second year university student graduates, then the thirteenth seat becomes open, while the rest are moved up a seat to the one who left (for example if the person in the seventh seat graduates, then the eighth seat moves to fill in the seventh and so on).

To get in an open spot, they must pass a test, and also must preform for the other twelve; who will be judges in determining if they will accept the person or not. If seven or more of the twelve give the performance a good rating (a seven or better), then the performer will get accepted.

Current Members

#1: Kanazawa Mizuho

#2: Kameko Yuuki

#3: Hamasaki Hisako

#4: Makoto Kenji

#5: Hayata Fumiko

#6: Kiyomori Alisa Zakharin

#7: Zhang Ailin

#8: Kawaguchi Akira 

#9: Kawashiro Mina

#10: Aijima Eizō

#11: Iseya Futoshi

#12: Narimiya Jōichirō

#13: Enomoto Reika

Former Members

Matsumaru Hanzo