Welcome Neon Academy's very own dance studio, we hope you enjoy your rehearsal! But before we begin out rehearsal (for those upcoming concerts, photoshoots, etc) you must understand how the dance studio operates. So I, S✪ra will show you the basic rules and code of conduct of this dance studio. Wikia rules are to be read on the wikia code of conduct page. 

Dance Studio Terminology

As all idols (or any other profession) knows, one must be familiar with the terminology of their field or study to be successful in their jobs. So here's a quick overview of terminology used in the dance studio:

  • Dance Studio- This is the name for the chat here on this wiki :)
  • Instructors- Your admins, chat mods, and standard mods (anyone with a green (admins) or blue (chat mods) "ネ" next to their name)
  • Idols- Users who contribute to the wiki
  • Visitors- Users who come to chat and do not contribute
  • Midnight Rehearsals- Private Messaging
  • On Break- Away
  • ~User:A has been called to User:B's office~ - Kicked
  • ~User:A has been given a "vacation" by User:B~ - Banned 


First, you must know who your "instructors" are; the instructors are the admins, chat mods, and moderators. Basically anyone with a "ネ" next to their name. So here's a list of things TO DO and NOT TO DO around (even when they are not around) an instructor. 

What to do

  • Engage in friendly conversations with both instructors and your fellow idols.
  • Think up ideas for articles in the wiki
  • Discuss anything idol-related
  • Basically anything that stays within our rules!
  • Have fun!

What NOT to do

  • Swear excessively (we do allow cursing, but at a minimum)
  • Troll, raid, or any other destructive actions conducted within and outside of chat
  • Sexual comments and references are strictly forbidden
  • Assault others, not limited to Instructors, Idols, Wikia Staff, visitors, etc.
  • SPAM 
  • Minimodding 
  • Arguments that involve throwing insults at each other. (This is one of S✪ra's pet peeves)

Idols & Visitors

Now that you know who your instructors are and what to do and what not to do, let me introduce you to your fellow idols and visitors.

Idols are any regular or semi-regular users who contribute either directly to the wiki or through giving ideas through chat.  Meanwhile, visitors are any user who does not contribute directly but visits our dance studio just for fun. While we allow that, that doesn't mean that visitors can spam and stray off topic. 


So now that we've read the end of the rules, your job as an idol, instructor, or visitor is to have fun and engage with others in a friendly and civilized manner. Everyone is under the same roof, so hence they are under the same rules, no exceptions. 

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