Welcome to the Idol Security and Safety Commission portal. The ISSC is the management team of this wiki who is in charge of the protection and safety of the idols and this community. 

Symbol of the ISSC

Command Council

The Command Council has everything below plus admin status. Command Council members are required to make an anime avatar version of themselves to put on their userpage. [1]

  • Generalissimo collar rank insignia (Japan) 112px-元帥徽章.svg WILDSTARSKAORI Commander-in-chief
  • Generalissimo collar rank insignia (Japan) 500px-US-O5 insignia.svg Superpenguins8771 Director of Command Council
  • Generalissimo collar rank insignia (Japan) Army-USA-OF-10.svg   Director of Countervandalism and Chief of Attack Investigation
  • Generalissimo collar rank insignia (Japan) 416px-Vara-amiraali hihalaatta.svg Seiga Miyako Chief Maintenance Officer
  • Generalissimo collar rank insignia (Japan) Peach Chief Rogue Admin Hunter

High Officers

High Officers has everything below plus bureaucrat and/or admin status.

Low Officers

Low Officers have what the Regulars have plus rollback status.

  • 184px-帝國陸軍の階級―襟章―大尉.svg


Regulars have chat mod and moderator powers

Complaints Directorate

Recruitment Directorate

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